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Convipack is utilizing the up-to-the-minute production technology to ensure top performance. Our lines comprise systems and components from market top notch suppliers. The lines are designed to achieve maximum throughput at different operating points and above all remarkable product quality.

We have integrated one of the most reliable and accurate gauge measurement and control systems in the market. With these capabilities we can provide our customers with different film grades featuring the lowest possible gauge variation. This system is capable of achieving gauge tolerance of ±2.5. Such a tight tolerance dramatically enhances the film performance on the conversion and downstream equipment. This in turn directly impacts line throughput and consequently our customers' profitability.


Accurate individual layer thickness and exact resin blends are critical for demanding film applications. Our lines are equipped with very precise gravimetric dosing and extrusion control system. These automation systems achieve very tight gram per meter figures. Each job or production run is stored in the automation system with all the operating parameters. This facilitates the task of operator when recalling the same job or recipe for future production orders.

Winding quality is an indispensable building block in film production. Our policy of perfect roll geometry is a part of our strategy to make the job of our customers easier. Perfectly wound film will run easier and faster through conversion lines. They will minimize startup time as well as intermediate downtime. Our winding stations produce film up to ------ mm diameter with either certain weight of length. Different core diameter are available upon customer request.