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Our strive for consistent product quality is aimed at minimizing variability. Sustainable film quality is indispensible for the ever growing customer demand and expectations. Our laboratories feature a comprehensive set of instruments and tools operated by a group of qualified personnel in order to objectively evaluate the film fitness for use. Both intermediate and final quality inspection schemes are conducted to ensure complete conformance to top quality standards


Mechanical properties
Film tensile strength, stiffness, and elongation are major parameters impacting its performance during processability as well as during its intended lifetime as a package. It is therefore very important to monitor these values and ensure they are satisfying the imposed requirements.


Coefficient of friction
Suitable and consistent COF is critical for modern high-speed packaging lines. Different COFs are engineered for different film structures to ensure perfect processability during conversion.

Sealing properties

Several laboratory procedures are conducted to investigate the sealing performance of films. Convipack employs different simulation techniques to precisely predict the film sealing performance under actual operating conditions. Our films are over-engineered to guarantee top performance even under extreme conditions.

Puncture resistance

The free falling dart test is utilized to measure the puncture resistance of film. Puncture resistance is an important property for several applications including frozen foods packaging and courier bags.

Film shrinkage

The degree of heat shrinkage in both machine and transverse direction is controlled to guarantee fitness for use for different shrink film applications.

Optical properties

Gloss, haze, and opacity are important optical film properties that directly impact product display and customer perception of package quality. Keeping these parameters under control is a must for today's packaging culture.