Thermoforming Film

Our flexible thermoforming films are made of high performance advanced resins for thin films to enable the production of down-gauged forming films with correspondent performance to thicker conventional films

High-Barrier lamination

High barrier materials in flexible packaging laminations prevent the penetration of water, water vapor, oil, oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, or light

Vacuum Pouches

Our vacuum pouches are very distinctive in preserving the special aroma, texture and taste of smoked, and high quality meat products, seafood and cheese. Our large vacuum pouches are perfectly suitable for vacuum packed, pre-prepared foods

PE Lamination Film

Polyethylene (PE) Lamination Film used for packing and wrapping food products. Our lamination Films come in up to 7 layers of film with one-treated side for wet and dry lamination and are also designed for rolls and pouches on cold or thermal applications. The films maintain high seal-ability, with excellent transparency, tearing resistance, chemical & grease resistance

PE Surface Printing Film

High performance film for surface printing suitable for various applications and requirements. Film performance can be tailor-made to every specific customer requirements

Pouch Film

We tailor our pouches to help smooth operation with all types of vacuum pouches. Our pouches present excellent mechanical properties, impact and seal strength. They are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and barrier levels