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The Egyptian-German Company for advanced packaging systems (Convipack) is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing multi-layer packaging film that meets the customers’ requirements in accordance with the international standard specifications.

Convipack is aware of its responsibility and accepts it to guarantee the safety of its packaging products. Convipack is also committed to the development and continuous improvement towards its customers and employees.

The company is committed to the regulations and legislations related to the packaging field.

The company is committed to provide high-quality and safe products for customers, by using technology which is Compatible with the industry standards with the least effect on the environment, Safety and health of employees.

The company is committed to achieve the maximum hygiene conditions in dealing with the product. Starting from receiving the products, passing by manufacturing, transportation and ending up with storage steps.

The company undertakes to provide and achieve all their customers’ requirements and follow up to solve all customers’ complaints.

The company is committed to the exact delivery dates which have been agreed upon with customers.

As per the company’s policy, it is seeking to provide a safe product with high quality, starting from receiving raw materials which are compatible with the legislations and legal regulations, in addition to conforming to the Technical Specifications.

The company is committed to providing the required resources which are necessary to provide a safe product with high quality.

The company is committed to continuous improvement through making the necessary training for employees to raise their efficiency and skills.

The employees receive training on the procedures and health requirements in dealing with the product and everyone is responsible to notify the  higher management in case of any reason exists which can harm the quality and safety of the product.