PE Lamination Film

PE Lamination Film


– Frozen food 

– Detergents

– Hygiene packaging

– Fresh food

– Confectionary

– Beverages

– Coffee & tea

– Dry food & instants

– Spices

– Cosmetics




Packaging Solution


– Doypack

– Pillow pack

– Stick pack

– Sachettes

– Lid (top film)





– Various PE grades are utilized according to application

– Excellent low temperature properties for deep frozen applications

– PE , PP , or EVA sealing layer

– Available as transparent, white, and bi-colored film





– Excellent sealing properties

– Optimal runability on various types of packaging machines

– Available for lock, peel, and low temperature sealing applications





– Available as rolls with one or two side corona treatment

– Web widths up to 2200 mm

– Available with one side hot-lamination adhesive

– Suitable for lamination to PET, OPP, and Al foil


  • Vacuum Pouches

    Vacuum packaging reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.

  • Thermoforming Film

    Thermoformed packaging refers to a type of retail packaging that uses thermoforming technology. This process melts a special type of plastic into liquid form and then freezes it to a brittle, almost glass-like state.

  • Dairy Products

    CONVIPACK offers a comprehensive range of packaging materials for Dairy products. Our packaging solutions including vacuum and MAP are best-suited not only for storage and distribution but also for maturing.