Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

CONVIPACK maintains a competitive advantage due to continuous improvement and innovation. Reliability, consistency , and Cost effectiveness are our major competitive advantages.


We stand for:

– Providing our customers with consistent and high quality  products and solutions.


– Developing innovative high-performance products and new technologies in order to optimize the

. maximum added value for the customers and shareholders.


– revolutionize the flexible packaging market in the Middle East and North Africa to meet

..the global standards and cope with new trends  and developments in the packaging industry.


  • Vacuum Pouches

    Vacuum packaging reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.

  • Thermoforming Film

    Thermoformed packaging refers to a type of retail packaging that uses thermoforming technology. This process melts a special type of plastic into liquid form and then freezes it to a brittle, almost glass-like state.

  • Dairy Products

    CONVIPACK offers a comprehensive range of packaging materials for Dairy products. Our packaging solutions including vacuum and MAP are best-suited not only for storage and distribution but also for maturing.